Things you need to know about Australia’s permanent residence program


Australia is considered as one of the best country by students and by professionals. Because its government has provided a lot of facilities for its people and it also provides permanent residency after living there for few years. So, if you also want to move to Australia, then you should get information from the internet about the Australia Immigration program and then you should apply for its visa. You can also search on internet about Canada immigration program if you are interested for Canada. But if you want to know about Australia permanent residence program then you should read this article.


Its permanent residence program consists of three major streams such as skill stream, family stream and special eligibility stream. These types of visas allow you to live permanently in Australia but there is different criteria for everyone so you must get complete information of these visas before applying.

Skill stream:

Skilled workers can apply for this type of visa such as labors. And it has been started to improve Australia’s economic condition. There are different subcategories of visas which are given below.

Employer-sponsored:  this is the largest category in skill stream and usually companies offer this type of visa to skilled workers.

Skilled-independent: it deals with Australia’s long term labor market and young highly skilled labors are being hired through this program.

Regional nominated visa: Through this program, skilled labors are being provided to territories and states.

Distinguished talent:  this visa is offered to the persons who are internationally recognized and who have outstanding achievement in their profession, academics, sports, arts and research.

Family stream:

This type of visa is offered to the individuals to reunite with their close family members. There are different subcategories of this type of visa. Some of the categories have been given below.

Partner visa:  this type of visa allows the persons to apply for their partners so that they may both live there.

Parents visa: in this type of visa, children can apply for their parents and they can also apply for their permanent residence.

Family visas:  these types of visas are exclusively for families so that they may reunite.

Special eligibility stream: 

This type of visa is offered in special circumstances and these are also offered to previous residents. These types of visas are also granted under Ministerial intervention.