What are stretch marks?

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Stretch marks are basically bands of aligned lines that appear on your skin. Such lines are a bit different in color and appearance than your original skin. The colors of the stretch marks range from pink, purple to grey. You might feel a bit uneasiness when you touch the stretch marks as they are a bit elevated. You might find stretch marks as itchy or painful.

Stretch marks can be appeared on anywhere on the body but mostly they appear on thighs, stomach, buttocks, arms or breasts.

Who is most likely to develop stretch marks?

Following people are most likely to develop stretch marks.

  • Pregnant woman
  • Dramatic loss of weight
  • Dramatic gain of weight
  • Family record of stretch marks
  • Overweight people
  • Woman
  • People who have light colored skin or who are white

What are the causes of stretch marks?

Following are the causes of stretch marks.

  • Stretch marks can be seen in women when they are pregnant. The cause of this is that the skins stretches in various ways as it has to make space for the baby to develop. Therefore, this continuous stretching is the main reason of stretch marks.
  • There are some disorders related to the suprarenal gland which can be cause of stretch marks because the quantity of cortisone that is present in your body increases.
  • Creams or pills of corticosteroid are also a reason of stretch marks as it reduces the ability of skin to stretch.
  • Quick gain in weight or quick loss in weight can also be a cause of stretch marks. Teenagers might experience stretch marks after exponential growth.

How to reduce by using remedies of homes?

You can use the following things to reduce by using remedies of homes.

  • Vitamin A
  • Aloe Vera
  • Sugar
  • Coconut oil

Creams of stretch mark removal Dubai are available. But, first it is mandatory that you ask your doctor first before applying those creams because a lot of times it happens that the cream doesn’t suit a person and due to this their skin can become damaged. So, don’t apply any stretch mark removal cream on your own.

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