Tips to prevent male infertility

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There are many reasons behind the infertility of males. Some of them can be cured and some of them are not but it is important to know and accept the fact that this thing is real although a small proportion of male population can get this problem. If one of you gets this problem then they have to consult a fertility specialist in Dubai who will examine you completely and after figuring out your problem the will tell you the treatment. You can also go to urologist in Dubai if you think that the problem resides there in your urinary tract or organs related to that. You can avoid getting any kind of problem through the following preventions:

First of all you have to quit smoking as it will cause lowering in your sperm count. A part from that it will also cause several other problems like lung and mouth cancer and any of these diseases will affect your reproduction ability. Like smoking if a person is use to have alcohol abuse then they will get the lower levels of testosterone, a hormone responsible for normal reproduction and sperm count. Alcohol may also cause erectile dysfunction and when it causes damage to other organs like liver then it will also affect reproduction ability.

People who are more prone to emotional abuse and who are not stable emotionally are more likely to have less sperm count. Sometimes when there is a delay in getting your partner pregnant due to any or no reason then people will feel stress and it will cause more delay in their reproduction ability. When this stress is not treated then it may cause severe damage not only to your brain but other body parts too which includes parts related to reproduction.

People who are over-weight are less likely to get their partner pregnant as weight will impair their ability. Weight which is not normal for a person of same height and age will cause several other problems too like an obese person cannot move quickly or too much and this immobility of a person in everyday life will also be the reason behind their infertility because people who are less active will get more problems in their body. These people need to lose some weight if they want to fertile.