How to Keep Your Knees Fit

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Keeping your body fit is very necessary and doing exercise is highly recommended and since this is the era of getting offended on the smallest things, we would like you to know that if you like to stay healthy and over sized we have no issue and there is nothing bad about keeping yourself fit while you are over sized. There are many over sized people who are more fit than an athlete. And, in this pandemic when all the gyms are closed and all the places to walk around freely are restricted, then how do you think that you can work and keep yourself fit.

Did you know that you can even keep yourself fit at home? Yes, that is a fact and you will be saving a lot of gym money. You must be wondering that why there are gyms when you can get fit at home, well for some people who do not follow instructions well, they hit the gym for extra and accurate guidance. Read this article to know more about osteoarthritis knee. There are different parts of your body that need extra care and fitness because if you didn’t do, you could end with different pains and one of many common pain that people reported during this lock down is the pain of knees because they don’t walk like they used to and they now hurt. But the good news is that if you followed the below tips, your knee will pain less and they will work just fine as before;

  1. The first thing you should do is run around the house. If you don’t have a backyard then just remove some sofas and furniture to make some space for your running and run at least 20 minutes for two times in a day. Or you can just tap the floor with your legs but take big steps which is good for you.
  2. The next thing that you should do is maintain your weight, in this pandemic everyone has grown fat and all of a sudden weight is not good for your knees and that is why you should control your diet and make sure not to put on much weight.
  3. The third you should do is sit on the sofa like on the edge and stretch your legs and pull them back, this is a very good and non-tiring exercise.