Why do you need a food stylist?

Why do you need a food stylist?


In today’s world of intense ad strategies and growing rivalry, it’s critical to remain current and on top of the game at all times. In the food industry, it’s the same story. Customers are declining as foreign cuisines become more regional, as are the number of food suppliers, hotels, and cafes. This is due to the fact that they now have the opportunity to try new recipes.

In the other hand, the movement toward online shopping, also in the case of food, has necessitated the creation of new marketing tactics. Food stylists and photographers have become more critical as a result of this change.

A food stylist Dubai is a person that specializes in arranging food in a way that appeals to both the camera and the eyes. The food arrangement, props arrangement, making the food appetizing and mouth-watering, and so on are all part of the job. To put it another way, their job is to make the ice cream look perfectly frozen and appetizing, the vegetables look new, and the cakes look delicious and enticing. Food stylists deal around food on both portrait and video shoots.

A Food Photographer is responsible for taking the best images of food by designing props, backgrounds, and model positioning, among other things. As Food Stylists prepare how the food can be presented or painted so that it is visually pleasing. Service Stylists, in other words, are responsible for the plating and freshness of the food.

As previously said, the Food Stylist and the Food Photographer collaborate to create and capture the perfect food photographs. Both, however, have distinct positions to play. And it is because of this distinction that Food Stylists are so relevant.

Chefs and culinary photographers collaborate with food stylists. They assist with deciding how to prepare the food so that it is aesthetically pleasing and appetizing. This concerns not only the positioning of the food on the tray, but also the form of plates or utensils used, as well as the corresponding tableware.

Photography Isn’t Enough: Food stylists collaborate with chefs as well, as mentioned in the preceding paragraph. As a consequence, they may be seen to have facilities other than photoshoots. They assist in the discovery of new and creative approaches to build food fusions, current food, and so on. They decide how the cooking process can be done or seen in the case of food recordings.

Food stylists have most likely served as chefs or cooks at some stage in their careers. As a result, they are aware of the food preparation process. However, as culinary stylists, they are still experts in how to approach food to make it more enticing. As a result, you benefit from both culinary and artistic talents.

To maximize the scope of your food and extend your customer base, food styling is just as critical as food photography. However, before recruiting a food stylist and experts of food photography in Dubai, consider considerations such as experience, previous employment, expense, and so on.