Meydan Free Zone Licenses Explained


Meydan Free Zone in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is a popular choice for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to start their operations in the region. With its strategic location between Asia, Europe, and Africa, the Meydan Free Zone offers excellent connectivity and access to emerging markets. One of the key attractions for businesses is the availability of different types of licenses that cater to various business activities.

Types of Meydan free zone licenses:

Commercial license:

This license is suitable for businesses engaged in trading activities, including import and export. It covers a wide range of sectors, making it versatile for enterprises involved in the exchange of goods.

Consultancy license:

Aimed at professionals providing specialized services, the consultancy license is tailored for individuals and firms operating in fields such as legal, financial, and business consulting.

General trading license:

Businesses dealing in a variety of products can opt for the general trading license. It provides the flexibility to engage in diverse trading activities without the need for specific product categories.

Industrial license:

Designed for companies involved in manufacturing or industrial activities, the industrial license facilitates the establishment of production facilities within Meydan Free Zone.

Key steps in obtaining a Meydan free zone license:

Business plan submission:

Begin by submitting a detailed business plan outlining your proposed activities and operational structure. This plan is a crucial component of the application process, providing insights into the nature and scope of your business.

Document preparation:

Gather all necessary documents, including passport copies, proof of address, and relevant qualifications or certifications, depending on the type of license you are applying for.

License application submission:

Submit your license application to the Meydan Free Zone authorities. Ensure that all required documents are accurately and carefully provided to expedite the processing of your application.

Payment of fees:

Pay the applicable fees associated with your chosen license type. Meydan Free Zone offers transparent fee structures, and the payment process is typically straightforward.

Review and approval:

The free zone authorities will review your application, ensuring compliance with regulations. This phase may involve additional checks or requests for clarification.

Issuance of license:

Once approved, your Meydan Free Zone license will be issued. This marks the official commencement of your business activities within the free zone.