Facts About PowerPoint


Who does not know about Power Point! Since we were kids, we used to see the seniors make presentation on power point software and we always wanted to make one as well. And as soon as we were about to reach at the end of our schools, colleges and universities, we had to take up a project and work on it.

And its documentation was always done on power point. Using Power Point presentation designs is a fun thing to do. Trying out different presentation designs and changing them unleashes our creativity as well.

Some thing that using power point was only limited towards the schools, colleges or universities but the fact is that there still many millions and billions of dollars of deals done by giving the presentation on power point.

Speaking of facts, there are facts all around us and that is why there are some facts about power point as well and these are fun facts that you will love to know about and you may be utilizing some of those facts in your next presentation, keep reading to know more:

  1. Power point is an old chip of the block in the world of software and that is why you must know that it was first released in 1987 and it was not called a power point, it was then called a Presenter.
  2. You must have always thought that the power point is the product software of Microsoft but facts are totally different and you will be shocked to know that it was first developed by Robert Gaskins.
  3. Microsoft could not come up with a better idea than presenter which is now known as power point and that is why they purchased presenter from Robert Gaskins by paying him 14 million dollars and they named it Microsoft Power Point.
  4. People know how to crack all kinds of software and some people even know how to crack many software of Microsoft as well. and you still the people using paid versions are many and there are 500,000,000 people who use power point as a registered member. You cannot even imagine that how many are the number of people using the free one.
  5. If you want a tip along with the facts then while making presentation on this software then we suggest that you add only 40 words in a single slide.