Facts About Perfumes You Must Know

Facts About Perfumes You Must Know


Smelling good is attractive. You must have seen different ads on the tv where a guy or a woman buy body spray online and apply on themselves and they attract people like crazy. To some extent, it is right – we have seen some couples literally saying that they instantly bonded after they passed each other and they smelt an amazing fragrance. According health science magazine, this is proven by different surveys that perfumes increase the intimacy among couples.

The perfume business is among the most successful and is easy to sell. Unlike, other businesses, who have to do tons of marketing and advertising, for the perfume business, all you have to do is set a kiosk and spray your sample. With the passage of time, your perfumes may become a brand. If you are about to start this business, then read more facts about perfumes to increase your knowledge.

  • We all know how the perfumes of Victoria’s Secret are famous worldwide. But you will be shocked to know that a team of researchers in 2015, had to find a smell that would attract mosquitos to trap them. They tried Victoria’s Secret perfumes and to their surprise, the mosquitos repelled that fragrance.
  • If you are about to go to zoo and you are wearing Calvin Klein’s perfumes, then we suggest that you add more perfumes, because there are some researches that claim that big cats like cheetahs and tigers are attracted to these scents. In India, man eating tigers are trapped with these scents.
  • If you are swimming and you come across and a huge stone of wax – grab it, because it may cost around 70,000 US dollars. This waxed stone is called ambergris and it is the vomit of a sperm whale – this is used by huge industries like Chanel for making perfumes.
  • In 1960, Chrysler made a car that could run on jet fuel, kerosene and perfume.
  • If you want the maximum pure form of perfume then we suggest that you opt for Eau de parfum because it has 15 percent essential oils.
  • Eau de toilette has 10 percent essential oils and cologne has 5 percent essential oils.

If you want your perfumes to long last and use less perfumes then it is suggested that you apply perfumes at your neck, wrists and behind the knees.