All that you need to know about pregnancy massages


Massage is an activity in which you indulge occasionally. In massage tension from muscles and pain from joints is released by rubbing. One of the best time periods to have a massage is during pregnancy. You can get a belly massage on both cases prenatal and postnatal. Professional practitioners accommodate a pregnant woman on a specially designed table or special pillows called bolsters are used. The massage lasts for an hour.

The benefit of having massage during pregnancy is that it relieves the pain and produces happy hormones. Pregnant women often have pain in their back and legs it is also relieved by massage. The level of stress decreases and pregnant women can sleep more easily. Visit this site to know more about pregnancy massage in Dubai.

Many hormonal changes occur in a pregnant woman. The blood volume increases up to 50% and the circulation of blood to legs becomes slow. Also, the number of anticoagulants in the blood increases. Due to all these changes, pregnant women are at a risk of having blood clot in their lower leg and inner thighs. So, the practitioners instead of applying high pressure on legs they apply a very light pressure. They massage the legs with slow strokes towards the heart. Also, the pressure on the abdomen should be very light. Many massage therapists do not prefer massaging abdomen of pregnant women as it is not safe

Doctors do not recommend massage during pregnancy because of the low training of massage therapists for pregnant women are available. Another reason for not recommending massage for a pregnant woman is that clinical research has not been done on this topic. Although there is no connection between miscarriage in first trimester with massages but doctors don’t recommend massage in first trimester because it is the most crucial stage in which miscarriages happen.

There are many types of massage that are taught to practitioners for pregnant women. These massages include deep tissue massage in which the muscles are press deeply with firm strokes, Swedish massage includes long strokes to increase mobility and strength and lastly shiatsu is a type of massage in which Acupressure points are tapped to stimulate natural energy of the body. Massage training programs require many hours of practice and education. The practitioner attends many workshops to learn pregnancy massage and to gain experience. If you are looking for a massage therapist then you should check National Association of your state to find certified therapists.