30 day diet challenge

30 day diet challenge


It’s always so frustrating to stick to one diet and then you actually end up cheating on that as well every week which ruins the whole momentum. This is the reason we suggest a 30 day proper diet challenge which will allure to a healthy lifestyle and you will know that once the challenge is done, you can actually enjoy the results and have whatever you like.

This challenge is very simple. You don’t have to add some crazy food products but instead minimize a few bad habits and maximize the good ones. The challenge is real simple, look out for packaged or preserved foods, avoid sugar and add loads of nutrients to your meals. Here’s how you can do that without changing your whole meal plan:

  • Include a large number of whole grain foods to your diet such as whole grain pasta, bread and brown rice etc.
  • Add a huge number of vegetables and fruits to your diet. The best part about this is that most of the veggies you don’t even have to cook but instead can be thrown together in a bowl and have as a salad. Whereas fruits are the perfect replacement of sugar, which leads us to our next point….
  • Avoid sugar as much as possible. If you have a healthy lifestyle in general but still don’t know where or what you are doing wrong by gaining those extra pounds then we suggest taking a look at your sugar intake. Minimize or completely deduct sugar from your life just for 30 days and the results will be astonishing.
  • While you are on your diet and somehow eat some extra fats then quickly get it out of your system with help of organic green tea in Dubai which will help elevate your system in the best way possible.
  • For snacks, aim for healthier ones such as dry fruits or granola bar. A smart trick you can apply here is that contact nuts supplier Dubai and get them in bulk instead of running out of stock every now and then which will definitely drive you to unhealthy chips and biscuits.
  • For biscuits, go for sugar free ones which your grandma must be having and be her tea friend where you guys chat while having dry fruits, sugar free biscuits and organic tea. The best path to healthier lifestyle.

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