Chemical Free Cleaning Detergents DIY

Chemical Free Cleaning Detergents DIY

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Using chemical detergents is not a thing for all. Some people are allergic to it and the cheap ones don’t clean well and all the money is wasted then there are people who cannot afford expensive products. There is a lot of competition of cleaning products because in the early ages the viruses and bacteria were not that harmful but, in the era where the industrial waste and pollution is common, cleaning industries are making sure that they make the best germ killers. But as much the detergent will be strong, it will mean that it has a lot of chemicals. And those chemicals have some side effects as well. Some detergents are so strong that they crack the floor or leave the floor with smelly for a long time. No matter whatever the industries say that their detergent doesn’t harm humans but we all know if it can cut through concrete what long-term damage can it cause to sensitive humans.

But there are ways to avoid those side effects, you can make cleaning products at your home. No, you don’t have to have factory units but you can make these products from grocery products that you buy. And the procedures are easy and it takes only some time also, it is very cheap. If you make them in the right way and add the products in right quantity, the product made by you will be more effective. You can make easy cleaning mixture with a baking soda, this is the most common product which can found easily in the pantry. Baking soda is even used on people by making toothpaste in it to get whiter teeth. Baking soda cuts from grime and grease.

You can also used castile soap. This is the only soap which is made from plant oil and it is 100% pure and free from chemicals. Such soap can be made in homes as well, you can buy the plant oil from market and make the soap by yourself by watching different videos on YouTube. Then there is vinegar, this is also used to clean stains from the clothes and it also cuts through grease, grime, oily stains, and soap scums.

Lemon juice is as strong as vinegar, it is really pure and it is also used to shine the surface of mirrors, tables and remove stains of oil from clothes as well.

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